D&R Broadast

D&R is a Dutch manufacturer of Radio Broadcast Mixers / Consoles Analog and digital and other studio equipment like f Telephone Hybrids and radio automation software.

A household name in the Netherlands for over 50 years and now far beyond! As time went on, the production of PA mixers added to this, recording mixers and broadcast mixing desks.

The massive worldwide increase in radio and TV broadcasters in recent years means that there has been an increasing demand for D&R products. The company mainly involved in Broadcast related products, such as the analog mixing desks: Webstation, Airmate, Airence, Airlab, Airlite.

For a digital Broadcast mixers you can also go to D&R , they have the: Axite and Axum digital broadcast consoles.

The D&R Telephone hybrids, On-air signaling and the Radio software are also very popular products. Feel free to take a look in the webshop, and if you have any questions call or email us, we are happy to help you!

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